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Baby Cat Hat by KellyVenus Baby Cat Hat by KellyVenus
this is the little cream coloured cat hat beanie i knitted for my pregnant freind, i actaully hadnt knitted since i was in early highschool, i actaully dont have the memorys of it, but i do remeber what my first 2 attempts at knitting looked like, and they wernt impressive, in fact they were just a small flat misshapen tests of knitting then knitting adding colors.

needless to say i really wanted to knitt somthing for my freinds baby *1 more month till its born* but i couldnt rember how, so i looked up a fair few knitting sites till one eventually had a video of how to "cast on" in other words, get started and the technique.

i basically had NO idea of how to make a circular hat, or anything other than a rectangle of wool, so thats what i did, then i folded it over, using the same wool, i stiched it together down the sides, and then pinched two spots up the top and stiched them, then threaded some along the base, so it could be tightened and loosened as needed.

it turned out that her family was huge into knitting, and were seriously impressed that i'd knitted somthing for her baby, it seemed they mostly only made blankets and stuff, you know, completely flat knitting, they were suprised that 1. i'd gone to the effort of making somthing myself, and 2. that i made a cat hat from less then a beginner level, without a plan to follow.

though i did look at plans online, i could never ever understand anything related to knitting/sewing, i'm good at it going from scratch, but i always flunked out at school in home economics because i couldnt pass the sewing side of it, though im great at cooking to a recipe, it was the only way i actaully passed that class in school.

i actaully liked this hat so much, i started making a bigger one for myself, i started on it months ago, needless to say i havnt been on it non-stop but im about 12cm of knitting height/length/whatever away from finishing the bigger ones rectangle, i might be lucky to finish it tonight, but i'll still need to sew it together and such.
AEgln Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
it looks nice, i think that over the baby's head looks more nice

once i asked my mother if she can teach me to sew, but she didn't want to and i didn't look it for myself, i find that interesting cause you can use your hands and improvise, it lets you create, maybe in a future i could do it
KellyVenus Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014

well there are a lot of youtube videos on various types, that's how I refreshed my memory on how to as they say "cast on and cast off" the knitting, or in English, start and finish without it unravelling. I found for myself, when I sit and watch anime shows as I like to or even just normal tv shows from the computer, I tend to have a snacky habit, so, I tend to munch on food a lot, perticually when im restless or bored, so when I was knitting, I had my hands busy and didn't snack much, which is interesting since I also used to sit and draw a lot at the computer while still watching/listing to shows and music, but not snacking.


so if you do decide to look into giving it a try, the best time to do it, is when you know you don't have to focus around yourself to to much, but tend to be fiddly or restless, or if your going somewhere and have the time.

AEgln Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
i will have to check the videos, download them cause i don't have internet at home and start with that
i think i already told you, i like to eat tostadas with lemon and chilli during my free time, when i'm on the computer, watching tv, drawing, etc... i will upload a picture of that :P

it would be great if i can make things like you do for others :)
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