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man i had this really strange dream a few nights ago, and its really stuck in my head since, it wasnt bad, nor was it very special, it seemed really basic and ordanary, as far as story telling go's, but i looked it up in my dream dictionary, and just about EVERY part of the dream had a similar deeper meaning, so i wanted to type it up, when i get home i might type up the meanings to go with it for you.

so it started off in a city, i had a luggage bag and was walking back to our hotel with my family, the hotel was situated on the corner of a main street, and as we walked up the small stair case of the hotel fronts steps, i was swamped by media people,

apparently they wanted to interview me on a recent achivement, as i spoke to the reporters in a nervious broken english full of stuttering, uming and apologising for not having prepaired anything to say, the reporter lady just kept saying "its a live interview, we'll go with this, this is great stuff, leets roll with this"

after the interview and many photos as i spoke, i met up with dad in the hotel foyer, it was dingey, and all tiles with a park bench along the wall, in the center of the room was the elivators, one facing us and one faceing directly away from us on the other side, they were covered in shiney metal, and there was a tourist shop across from it, selling all sorts of australia related merchindise.

dad pressed the up button on the elivator, saying "mum the others had gone ahead", there was a few people waiting with us at this point, only a few, but as the door opened, a loud exposive errupted nearby, the building shook and the ground cracked travling up the wall a little, seems and earthquake just happened, the elivator door instaintly closed, and would not open again no matter how many times we hit the button,

i walked half way around the elivators, and noticed the whole metal shafts frame seemed to be on a slight tilt, i called out to dad "i think the earthquake has moved the elivator shaft out of place, i doubt it will open as a safty precaution, we'll have to try the other one" as i walked back to dad i picked up my luggage bag and we walked around to the other side,

most of the people waiting for the elivator left the building, apparently frustraited or just giving up on going upstairs anymore, so now there was only 2-3 waiting with us, after a few minutes the elivator door opened, it hand a band of male singers seatbelt straped into chairs along the walls of the elivator, apparently they had already gone upstairs and were just there for the ride,

they made it seem like it was the giant drop theme park ride, there was only 3 seats left free, but i stood there tossing up wether it was going to be safe or not, i figured that if we could go up, then we could at least get mum and the others and leave, or if not, if the elivator had stopped by then, then we would stay up there, at least we would have a place to rest, food and water, and we'd be together, but at worst the elivator would get stuck or suddenly drop, ending us.

as we stepped into the elivator and the door closed, the roof begain to leak, the elivator continued to rise, but the leaking celing felt almost like being under a tree in heavy rain, it wasnt pleasent, a pipe must have ruptured in the elivator shaft from the earthquake, dad and i stood up the entire way, but everyone else was sitting mostly strapped into there seats,

i think i woke up before we got out..
i cant tell if this dream is related to my poor financial status, my unwillingness to get off my arse and take care of my declineing health, or just somthing related to my mental health and emotions. but dam it had alot of meanings for such a simple dream.

Just as hotels are places of transient socialising in waking life, a dream of a hotel can indicate impermanence in a relationship. It can also suggest you have a full social life, but many of the interactions are not of lasting nature. If you have lost your hotel key in the dream you may be feeling locked out of social opportunities and are seeking more from friendships.

Stairs in a dream usually indicate you are facing a challenge and must rise to the occasion. It will be important to keep your balance and take measured steps. A staircase may represent the opportunity to move to a higher spiritual plane or to take on study and gain higher understanding. A staircase in a house can suggest the link between physical or natural urges and the intellect. Falling through stairs can indicate you are afraid you will not achieve the goals you have set.

Clearly, your feelings about your actual farther will be the key to interpreting his appearance in your dreams. If you feel positively about him, this dream figure represents strong family values or the aspects of you character and beliefs you have inherited from your father. Negative emotions connected to your real father indicate some judgmental aspect of the dream father, with you feeling you were never good enough. If your farther disappointed you in some way, this figure can represent someone in authority in your life who is going to let you down. Other interpretations of this symbol include the idea of procreation or creativity, a guide and protector, or even your own conscience. It may also represent an authority figure or supporter currently in your life who has a paternal influence on your life.

The status and location of your mental and spiritual awareness, related to the mind, are indicated by a dream of an elevator. To dream of a slow elevator or one that stops and won’t let you get to the floor you need is an indication of frustration and impatience to achieve something important. If you get out at the wrong floor in your dream, this Is a clear sign that even if you think you have reached the end point of some situation you still haven’t’ truly found what you are seeking.

If feelings are being repressed, a dream of an eruption suggests things are about to burst out in a potentially destructive way. Emotions, if not properly channelled, will break forth and cause more harm than if the pressure had been let off gradually in a controlled way. This symbol can also represent the imminence of new understanding or insight that will dramatically alter the landscape of your mind.

The upheaval of an earthquake literally suggests something needs to be totally shaken up in your life. Alternatively, it can reflect feelings you have of a potential impending cataclysm in some aspect of your life.

Like the market place symbol, a shop is a place of transaction. The wares on display can represent your opportunities in life. If you bargain or are looking for cheap goods this may suggest some part of you is not willing to pay the price or exert the required effort in life. An empty shop can be a symbol of your feelings that life has nothing to offer them and can sometimes indicate depression.

Water leaking in a dream suggests emotions which are not contained. If the leak is causing damage there is a negative outcome from these uncontrolled feelings. As water is necessary for life, it can also symbolise energy if leaking, something is draining away and it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals unless the leak is sealed. The breaking of confidence, as in the leaking of information, is another interpretation of this symbol.

Traditionally, rain is a sign of cleansing and blessing to dream of it can suggest the outlet or release of tension and stifled emotion, to good effect. It may also suggest that after a period of dryness, or purely intellectual communication, a relationship has been blessed by and outpouring of emotion. Being caught without an umbrella or raincoat may mean the rain feels somewhat annoying or threatening. This is a minor difficulty, even if uncomfortable. A dream of a sudden rain shower can indicate that in your professional life a new idea has broken through and many benefits can come from it.

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AEgln Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Do you think that a review like this one that you made can be applied for example to the alien eggs dream?

What are the names of the dictionary and author?
My wife has had some dreams about the baby, maybe i could look for a reference to understand her mind :P

Really interesting to know what your mind creates :)
KellyVenus Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014

actauly dreaming of a baby during pregnancy is actually overly common, theres quite a few related paragraghs on it, but all of them are subject to other things seen in the dream and the mood felt on wakeing up.


ive actually had some seriously crazy dreams in the last few months, though I don't get time to write them up even though im unemployed.


the book I have is: the dream dictionary by paul bugeja. though I do look at other sources online from time to time when something in particular isn't in my book but was the focus of the dream and I had felt strange about it.

AEgln Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
the next time she dream about it i will write it and look up for information and ask your opinion :)

maybe some day you will write one of those seriously crazy dreams in the future :P

it's really interesting to know how you work in other aspects of your life, like recognizing the meaning of your dreams
KellyVenus Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014

maybe, mostly I just need the time straight after waking up to be able to do it, im pretty sure one of the dream scenes took me 2hrs to write up after i'd woken up, but the dream only took me probly half an hour judged by when I fell back asleep from my alarm clock that day. your welcome to ask, I can normally source a fairly acuret answer from the book but id need most of the details from the dream in order of them occurring,


even something simple like a door, color or staircase has meaning, wether its open closed, going up or down, as well as how she felt emotionally about what was happening during the dream, like wary, panicked, joy, or calmness.


ah the other aspects, normally basied on what the dreams desricption says about the different details, then put into order, can make it pretty easy to pinpoint something in real life, sometimes it dosnts really make sense though, and other times they are just dreams

AEgln Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
thank you!!!
i don't know how much time i will spend when i interrogate her about hers dream, it's going to be difficult the part of the details, but let me see what happens :P

i appreciate you because you share your mind, thoughts and ideas... i had forgotten so many things that i can recover thanks to you, and as i heard yesterday in a radio show "don't forget to thanks", cause every detail is a gift of the life...
and i hope you don't mind if i tell you that frequently
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