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sigh as you may have read in my last post I wasn't feeling to well a little while ago, well anyway it didn't get any better and I've been quite sick for over a month and a half, frankly its been pretty god dam bad.

I've had just about every kind of test done imaginable, and still under-going tests and scans on a weekly basis, it sucks but I get the idea, process of elimination, I fully understand that method. I've had my hospital consolation and a mini exam while I was there, but im now on a waiting list for a more internal scan with the hospital,

though I have 3 more scans/tests in the next 7 days to be done outside of the hospital and results today and after those scans. all and all its been pretty terrible.

**out of interest its my birthday this weekend the 20th of april, turning 26**
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AEgln Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
:hug: Hi Kelly!
I hope that at least one of the results from the scans/tests can show the reason of your illness.
The next thing i will say is positive even if it sounds crazy: "you can defeat the illness :meditation:, you will survive and get better :eager:, you are a :winner:"
I wish you all the best :highfive:
KellyVenus Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
thank you angel, its always uplifting to hear from you.

actually a few hours after I posted the journal update, I had to go to hospital, which is the 3rd time in a month, apparently one of my tests, that was checking my organs, came back with a very high result, so at the hospital I had to do more blood tests and I was put on a hydration drip (IV DRIP), you only get put on one if you've been moderate to sereverly dehydrated, I was dangerously dehydrated from over a month of water loss and inability to rehydrate properly,

apart from the amount of blood taken across the day and night making me super tired, after the drip, I had one almost normal day, the damage dehydration alone can do to body and brain, is vast, but while I might have other things wrong, its very dangerous.

after they took more blood at the hospital, they retested my organs, the organs original test result was 1700 when it should have been 250, the second test was considered as double the normal, so I can assume around 500 to 750. im still waiting for my internal scan outpatient procedure, I don't know when that will be, since im still waiting to be notified what date, but I have two more scans this week to do.

I just want one of the tests or scans to show me whats wrong, I want an answer that makes sense of everything but I still hope its nothing serious, yet I couldn't help but be irritated if it all turned out to be something trivial.

i'll have to talk to you again later, its getting pretty late and my stomachs starting to hurt again, so I should go and rest, but it really is always good to hear from you.
AEgln Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
you're welcome Kelly!
i hope you rest well
and also it is always good to hear from you too

good that you recover from the dehydrated state
does the same hydration drip help in the blood tests, that you mentioned, were high and start to go down?

once it's discovered whats wrong you will be able to focus in your recovery

i also have pending chats with you, but at least i just want to let you know that there is someone here that hear what you have to say and that i haven't lost the hope that your life will be fixed in those health issues

:w00t: don't give up please!
KellyVenus Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
no the blood tests where taken first, not long after I was moved to a hospital bed from the waiting room, then the drip was apparently attached through the same device, though I didn't look or ask, since needles make me feint and it all felt really gross, specially when the drip travelled through my arm and made a vein go cold as it travelled up my arm, ick (shudders at the thought)

although I did some research into it afterwards, and because I was already dehydrated, my blood was having trouble carrying oxygen, food and water through my body already, so removing several viles of blood across the day and night for testing, wasn't going to help that problem, so they inserted water and essential mineral salts, so that my remaining blood could perk up and do its job a bit easier, to be frank, the next day my brain felt better, more with it, since the brain needs water to function, I imagen that helped it a lot.

no I really did appreciate hearing back from you when I posted the journal, I actually was only posting it to let you know whats been happening and how im doing, I don't really get replys from anyone else unless I fave something, but even then its not like I strike up a conversation with them the way I chat to you. its only occasionally, when the symtoms are at there worst, and I question how bad it could be to be in so much pain, its those days or nights that I question if i'll make it through the night or not, sometimes its really scared me, and I just break down and cry, but I usually have someone stay over and watch over me on those worst days, to make sure im alright or act fast if im not.

I had a medical certificate to cover all of march and half of april, so that I could try to rest and get better as much as I needed, without having to stress about anything else, its run out now, though I can at least keep food and water down, I still don't have a lot of energy and become tired easily, and spending time with friends or family really take it outta me, I usually end up sick and exhausted for the rest of the day or night after spending a few hours with them, and to some degree I have the toliting issues kinda under control, since I've had two months to figure out what certain pains, grumbles, or sensations end up being, so I can better understand whats going to happen and response properly to it.

I don't mind if you send me a note or a comment from time to time, I do still get a night or day where I cant sleep or am to unwell to leave the house, at times like that im bored beyond belief, the normal process to try and take my mind off it is, read some webcomics, watch some anime or look up the symptoms, but when I've already done that earlier or it didn't take long to cover those, I really do just sit here bored outta my mind, so feel free to talk when you want to, I tend to check DA during those times.
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